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Flexible Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness
Description of Services Provided

At Flexible Health & Wellness, we provide you with quality health and wellness services conveniently and affordably to improve your overall physical and emotional well-being. Our flexible and innovative approach to direct primary care promotes early recognition of health-related issues and enhances the fulfillment of your health goals.

Takeshanicole “Tish” Ziemblicki is a respected Family Nurse Practitioner in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. She is a Veteran of the US Army, where she served as a Logistics Specialist and Combat Medic for eight years. Tish has learned over the last several years that there is a lack of access to compassionate and convenient care at affordable prices for people with demanding lives. By offering a flexible approach to wellness, she hopes to promote early recognition of health-related issues, improve compliance with health goals, and reduce or prevent stressful and costly hospitalizations. She prioritizes the provider-patient relationship by taking the time to make sure you feel seen, heard, and understood at every visit.

Mission Statement

Tish started Flexible Health & Wellness because she wanted to provide patients with a primary care experience that is customized, convenient, and cost-effective. At this practice, you can expect affordable care when and where you need it, whether you prefer telehealth, text, email, or in-person visits. In addition, you can enjoy hassle-free access to testing, prescriptions, and other treatments.

As a member of our practice, you are welcome to call or text anytime you need to talk or set up an appointment. We are your wellness partner at your fingertips. By partnering with us, you gain not only a primary care provider but also an advocate who focuses on your optimal health and well-being.

With Flexible Health & Wellness, there are never barriers or restrictions to care. You get to enjoy the benefits of unlimited access to the care you need whenever or wherever you are.


Your Wellness Partner at Your Fingertips

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